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Radical Ownership of Your Lifestyle

Radical ownership. This concept sounds intense. What does this mean?

Radical ownership over choices in life means you, and you alone, choose the daily habits that make up your lifestyle. You decide what you eat, drink, watch, read, listen to, spend time with, or pay attention to. You have personal autonomy over these choices.

You may be influenced by outside people or groups, so I ask you, do these outside influences support your decision to be healthy & well?

If you want to be healthy & well in your life, take radical ownership of your lifestyle. Decide each time if a choice you make is getting you more in line with your decision to be healthy, or not. If you decide to be healthy, are you living with integrity to this decision? If not, what barriers are you finding?

A Holistic Health & Wellness Coach provides expert guidance to allow you to explore your lifestyle choices and determine what you want to achieve for your health and wellbeing. From food choices, stress management, sleep, or spiritual growth, we partner with you toward your co-created goals.

When you accept radical ownership of your life, your life can transform radically for good. Are you ready to own it?


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