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You are worth it!!

SBAR anyone?

As one of my roles, I function as a faculty member in a school of nursing. I was recently reviewing SBAR reporting. I decided to make a post about it in regards to health and wellness coaching for ourselves. Here goes:


Your situation is you forgot to take care of your own health. Now you don't feel so great in your body, you're overwhelmed with life, but bored with the contents. You either have, or on your way to having, diabetes, high blood pressure, anxiety/depression, or other chronic disease. You may take a few prescription meds, or you haven't seen a provider for a check-up in God-knows how long, so you don't really know what's going on in your body.


You gave of yourself to your family, job, community, friends, etc. because you thought that's what you are supposed to do to be "good" at being yourself. You were taught/socialized/expected to serve others. And over the years you started to feel not so good in your body. You notice feeling run down much of the time. You got caught up in a cycle of work/family/life that you thought you were supposed to do. You have a case of "I know I should do xyz, but, you know". You believe you just don't have the bandwidth to change anything because.....(fill in all the ways you believe you don't have time and space to work on being healthy). You have already developed high blood pressure, diabetes, anxiety/depression, or you are on your way to having these in your future. You don't want to be old and sick, and a burden on your kids/family, etc., and you have no idea how to be one of those people who seems to have it all together and looks glowing and healthy in their lives. You believe menopause/low testosterone is due to your age and you can't do anything about this, so you accept feeling old and tired and think this is just the way it is. And you still have 1 or 2 kids to put through college, so how could you possibly change course, and your spouse needs you to be available for everything that everyone needs/wants, and.......Yada, yada, yada. You get the point. You're nodding your head.


My assessment of you is you want to feel good in your body. You want to feel in control of your schedule and energy. You want to have the peace of mind knowing you know how to avoid disease, or reverse what you have. You want to feel excited for your life. You want to feel sexy for yourself and your partner. You want to avoid chronic pain in your body or mind. You want to feel and be fantastic. Hell, you'll take "great" as a starting goal.

If you are reading this, then you are still alive and capable of evolving into a person who realizes their purpose to feel vital and well, and not have chronic diseases that are avoidable, preventable, and reversible. If you're reading this on LinkedIn, then you have a functioning internet system and believe you are important enough to have a professional profile on this platform. So, if you are important enough to be seen on LinkedIn, then you can be important enough to invest in your lifetime of health.


I recommend you decide you are worth an investment in yourself. I recommend you acknowledge your fears holding you back from realizing your best self. I recommend you optimize your success and timeline and work with an expert Health & Wellness coach. We are trained to accompany you throughout your journey to your goals. We don't change you, we get you to meet your best self. We believe in you when you don't believe in yourself. To have someone alongside you as you grow is life-transforming. I recommend you connect with me for a consultation.

May you be well :)


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