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Hi, I'm Joanne Whiteside. 


Thank you for checking me out.

As a registered nurse for 25+ years I have been trusted to care for the sick and injured from birth to death.

During this care I came to see how much of what we are doing in healthcare is never getting to the root of illness, disease, or un-wellness.  We were ignoring the obvious.  Health begins with you.  It's not only about your physical health, it's about your whole mind, body, and soul.

So I pivoted my career and got back to the foundations of nursing care: Health Promotion & Disease Prevention.

I started HealthCare 101.  

HealthCare 101 offers my clients a real chance at health by focusing on them and their needs.  On listening to them, seeing them, and serving them in the best possible way as a nurse and coach.

"Hey, let's not meet in an ICU or ER.  Let's meet on your terms and get you to a state of health and wellbeing that focuses on you being the best you can be".

"Let's start here!"


I invite you to consider a partnership.

If you have any questions please email me and we'll chat.

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