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Why "HealthCare 101"

Updated: May 11, 2022

I started HealthCare 101 because it needed to be done. It was long overdue. Our current population is not getting any healthier with bigger cancer centers and expanded heart hospitals. Our current population seems to be limping along with more diseases, more prescriptions, more distress, and less health. I know this because I saw it each time I reviewed a patient chart. I saw the medication list, the specialists visited, the problem list created by your doctor. I saw it in your eyes and heard it in your voices. The fatigue, the depression, the generalized “blah” that seems to be hanging on many people. I know there is a way for people to be healthier. It’s through their own relationship with themselves and how they live their lives. You have no idea how much control you have over your health. I invite you to trust me to show you what you can do.

HealthCare 101 is here to connect you with an exceptional Nurse Coach. A coach who will listen to you, teach you, guide you to the foundations of health. These include plant-based nutrition, sleep hygiene, mindfulness and stress-reduction, exercise, and relationships, and so much more. When you work with a Nurse Coach you work with a trusted professional who inquires about your values, your wisdom, and your goals. We know you are not broken. You have the immense power to heal and reach health within you. Coaching propels you forward, while acknowledging your past. You are awesome and whole. Now let’s guide you to grow into your greatest wellbeing.


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