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 “I give my highest recommendation to Joanne as a coach”

I wanted to share how much Ms. Whiteside and the coaching experience I shared made an impact on my life. Goal setting is not a strength of mine, and I was fearful and a bit reluctant to open up. Joanne made me feel welcome and comfortable from our first conversation on. We talked about goals I wanted to achieve in life, sometimes health, sometimes wellness, sometimes she was just an outside ear to listen. As someone with type 2 diabetes, I struggle with eating. We set achievable goals to help me to think about what it was that I was putting in my body. She guided me as I made decisions about the changes I could make. It was insightful and pressure free. My favorite activity is while during a meeting, there was an epiphany that I could use my hobby of playing music as an intrinsic motivator. I was able to change my eating habits and reach my short term goals. Joanne just is a gift for being that rational thought partner. She is caring and has my well being at the front and center of each conversation. I give my highest recommendation to Joanne as a coach. ---KF

 "During our first session I learned so much about myself"


When Joanne offered me the nurse coach sessions I honestly had no idea what it entailed but I was curious and anxious to find out.

During our first session I learned so much about myself.

I’ve always considered myself organized and able to multi task.  But ……  I also felt like my (to do) list was a hovering cloud.  The anticipation became overwhelming, causing procrastination and defeating any completion.

Upon our second session I was on my way.

I had an organized list:  Continuing Education, Living Will, Retirement/Financial well-being planning.

Our sessions continued.  Joanne help me identify my own talents, abilities and potential.  This sparked a new task.  My own business.

Then it happened, our sessions were over.  I completed my tasks. I had developed an outline  for my own business.   I was ahead of my own schedule.

Each session left me anxious to complete my goals.  Joanne’s guidance allowed me to realize the only barrier I had dawdling.

I was ready for my next task, preparing and enjoying my most favorite time of year, Christmas.

Thank you Joanne for allowing me to take part in your Nurse Coach sessions.

I feel any nurse could benefit from your coaching.  With the present staffing shortage anyone in the medical profession would profit from your sessions.  We all multi task but forget about the most important task.  Taking care of ourselves.


Thank you,      

Sally S.

“Joanne doesn't do superficial, surface level work, this is a deeper process that requires commitment to the work and to yourself”


Before beginning coaching with Joanne, I thought that I had many different issues to be addressed, including insomnia, extra weight, fatigue, low mood and a number of other things that I attributed to age, stress, and hormonal changes. Working with Joanne provided me with so much clarity around what was actually going on in my life and led me to some simple changes that needed to be made. All of the things I was experiencing felt overwhelming to me, Joanne was able to sort the information and provide a clear and simple focus for our work together. Joanne conceptualized our work in a way that made so much sense to me, I continue to focus on the foundations of health and well being that she provided through our work together. 


Working with Joanne felt like having a therapist, a dear friend, and a personal medical professional all working towards understanding my current functioning and identifying needed supports and changes to be made. Her warmth, compassion and empathetic style made it easy to feel safe and comfortable while doing work that can be challenging. I left each of our sessions feeling a sense of peace and calm, but also energized to make healthy and positive decisions for my own wellness. Since our work has finished, I've noticed that when I feel stressed, I frequently return to her voice, just take five deep, slow breaths and come back to the present moment. She helped me realize how simple and effective this practice can be, you just have to do it.


I had two powerful outcomes from my work with Joanne. The first was the importance of sleep and being able to identify what was getting in the way of me getting good sleep. Through Joanne's gentle exploration, we were able to identify the factors leading to my insomnia and effective approaches to deal with these factors. The second important outcome was a reframe that Joanne gave me around some difficult situations that I was navigating in my life. Joanne provided a frame to view these challenging situations that allowed me to move out of feeling stuck and overwhelmed and into feeling a sense of agency over my own life and choices. These two changes have led to a sense of increased peace and self determination in my life. The really great part though is that these shifts have moved me towards ongoing healthier choices in my day to day life. Since working with Joanne, I've been moving towards a plant based diet, moving my body more intentionally, making space for meditation and stillness, and other choices in line with increased health and well being. Feeling better seems to snowball into better self care. I'm so grateful to Joanne for helping me get started in feeling better.


I would recommend Joanne's coaching to pretty much everyone, this is a process that can benefit every person. But, I particularly recommend it for people who are ready to do a higher level of exploration into the understanding of what is holding them back in their health and wellness. And people who are ready to make the changes required to have greater health and well being. Joanne doesn't do superficial, surface level work, this is a deeper process that requires commitment to the work and to yourself. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to work with Joanne!



Thank you, Joanne. I feel really lucky to have had this opportunity to work with you!---

  Client: K. A.

 “I would definitely recommend you to anyone who is looking for guidance to a positive change in their life”


 Before I started the Nursing Coach sessions with you, I was sort of just stuck in limbo with all the unpleasant life changes that were happening with me during the pandemic and going through perimenopause and not really doing anything about it.

I found my experience of working with you to be a refreshing and welcome change to help me get motivated to make the necessary changes in my life to achieve better health and a more pleasant lifestyle.

The benefits and results that I achieved were a more positive outlook and some easier ways to shed a few pounds without trying crazy diets or wrecking myself while exercising, you showed me ways to get these results by making minor changes in my life and guiding me gently and presenting me with a bunch of very easy steps and giving me so many recommendations and the materials to make the necessary changes. I loved how we started and ended each session with such calm and soothing mindfulness as well. I would definitely recommend you to anyone who is looking for guidance to a positive change in their life. Thank you for your wealth of knowledge to living a better and healthier life.       


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