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Pillars: Support structures, people, or things that provide essential support for something. (Oxford Languages dictionary).

Our homes, infrastructure, and lives all have necessary pillars to hold us up, protect us, and keep us safe. When it comes to your health and wellbeing, are your pillars in good shape?

The American College of Lifestyle Medicine (an organization of healthcare professionals practicing evidence-based lifestyle medicine) apply Six Pillars of Lifestyle to drastically improve health. Here they are:

1. A whole-food, plant predominant eating pattern

2. Physical activity

3. Restorative sleep

4. Stress management

5. Avoidance of risky substances

6. Positive social connections


Seems pretty easy, right? Ha! If it was so easy our entire population would not have disease, distress, or chronic health problems galore.

There are many determinants of the “health” of our own personal pillars of health. Some of these factors are out of our control (our age, our parents, our past), and so many factors are within your control. What you choose to do with your personal choices is all up to you.

You have enormous control over your lifestyle. You can be empowered to know your strength and ownership over this aspect of your life. Where do you start?

The above 6 pillars expand into an array of ways of living and being that encompass many areas of our lives. Delving into each pillar and deciding what it means for our own personal lives starts with a deep, personal, honest conversation with ourselves. Being brutally honest with ourselves about how we are living our lives takes some time and energy. Then, deciding what you want to do about your pillars if you find you may not have the “healthiest” lifestyle, is another step. Where do you start?

Finding a person who can guide you to assess your lifestyle choices, help you set reachable goals, support you during your growth and evolution, and guide you along the way is here. A Holistic Health and Wellness coach gets you from where you are to the awesome, vital place you desire. How do you want to feel? How do you want to be? Where do you start? You start here!

HealthCare 101 is a Holistic Health & Wellness coaching and consulting agency specializing in lifestyle remodeling, wellness education, health advocacy. “Let’s Start Here”.

Please reach out to learn more.


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