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Jumping rope

If you think this is a blog post about the cardiovascular benefits of jumping rope, let me correct you. It’s not really. Yes, jumping rope IS a great way to exercise your cardiovascular system, move your muscles, expand your lungs, and make your brain think you are 12 again. It’s cheap and easily accessible. I strongly recommend jumping rope for someone who has the capability to do it. And also for those of us who think we have the capability to do it, but don’t really. I tried to jump rope as my exercise today. And it was a joke. I looked like a baby fawn trying to get my new legs to work. If someone was watching me through the window, they would have pissed themselves laughing at the image I was presenting. But I SHOWED UP AND DID IT! That’s the thing. I decided that to live out my lifestyle of health and wellbeing it requires me to exercise my body on most days. And because our family is on Covid lockdown, my basement is the place for working out. And because I know jumping rope is a great cardiovascular exercise, I chose that as my workout. And even if you can’t do double-unders like a boss, you can still get up your heart rate. So I kept at it. And kept at it. I showed up and did it. I just did. I decided that’s what I’m going to do, so I did. That’s how anything gets done. So if you need to figure out how to fit exercise into your day, even though you have meetings, birds to feed, and places to be, make a decision to show up for yourself and get IT done.


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