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Enema for life

Cleaning closets. Does that concept strike dread in you? I love it! I love to pull out everything, do a much-needed assessment of what I have, and determine what gets to stay. It’s like an enema for stuff. And just like an enema, it can get rid of a lot of shit :)

And that’s what our lives need from time to time. A good “enema” of the mind and soul. A good “shining the bright light on it” assessment of what you currently have, and determining what you want to part with, change, or grow into. And it’s not always about getting rid of things. Sometimes the best part of taking stock of your life’s station is figuring out what you DO want, and where you DO want to go and grow.

Sometimes this part is the hardest. Here’s a tough message to hear---no one is coming to make you do this. No one will show up at your door and say “hey! Let’s clean out your closets” or “hey, let’s determine where you want to grow in your life”. This is completely in your control. It doesn’t get done unless you decide to do it. It can be hard to decide to take stock of life and figure out where you want to show up better. Make it easier by using a coach. It just makes the process of doing a self-assessment, determining where you want to grow, and getting there so much easier and quicker.

And in the nursing world, when talking about a good enema you’ll hear “high-hot-and hell of a lot” when referring to a certain type of enema. It’s a good cleansing. And oh, so necessary.

If you’d like to find out more about doing a wellbeing assessment and determining your growth, please reach out to me at

And, no, I am not offering enemas at this time :))


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