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Mindset for Health

In a previous post I asked if one chooses to be healthy. This is a reasonable question because it opens the conversation to exploring someone’s mindset.

“Mindset” is what you set your mind to. What are you paying attention to? Because what you pay attention to starts showing up in what you look up, read, listen to, discuss, and care about.

And a mindset for health allows you to become aware of your current state of health and wellbeing. Do you feel refreshed when you wake up? Do you feel nourished and well after a chosen meal? Are you allowing for physical activity in your day? Do you pause for relaxation and mindfulness to manage your energy? Do you engage in nourishing relationships? Do you feel empowered in your personal choices to influence your personal health? Is your state of being one of health & wellness?

Before my clients get to the part of learning new skills or doing new things, we work on a mindset. The mindset for health allows an open mind and heart to evolve to improve your current state of health. There is no going back to change the past, there is only moving forward to plan your future. And you are the architect of that future.

Getting into a mindset for health allows you to be open to new ideas, new ways of seeing your world and your habits. An openness to evolve.

Here is an example of a healthy mindset. Try saying this to yourself and see if anything shifts for you:

“I choose to live my life with abundant health and wellness. I am important and necessary in my life, and I have no choice but to make my health and wellbeing a priority. I will consistently seek out ways to positively influence my health. I do this because I know it is important for me, it is necessary for my wellbeing, and because I can”.

The mindset one has with themselves regarding many aspects of their life can have tremendous influence on the directions of habits. Choosing a mindset for health can open a whole new pathway for you. When you start with this idea, transformation is inevitable because you set your mind to it.


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