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Making the decision to be Healthy

We all make a ridiculous number of decisions each day. In this snowball of activity we call “life” we get to decide

how we want to be. So, I ask you, have you made the decision to be healthy?

Some people think this is a ridiculous question because, “Who wouldn’t want to be healthy?”. But I ask again. Have you made the decision to be healthy? There is a difference. Wanting to be healthy and deciding to be healthy are two separate concepts.

It starts with “I want to be healthy”, and proceeds to, “I have made the decision to be healthy”. This declaration to self now makes the way for your lifestyle choices to match your decision to be healthy. Once you declare “I have made the decision to be healthy” you figure out all the ways that looks in your life and decide that it will be this way.

When one makes the decision to be healthy it can be overwhelming and scary. Too much information, too much life responsibility, too much stress, just too much. This is where a Holistic Health & Wellness Nurse Coach comes in. We guide, counsel, and hold space for your journey. We partner with you. A Nurse Coach works personally with you, the individual, to uncover your strengths, values, fears, and goals. Expertly guiding you on your journey to a chosen lifestyle of health. We get you to your goals quicker than figuring it out alone.

If you make the decision to be healthy, I invite you to partner with an expert leader in health and wellbeing- A HealthCare 101 Nurse Coach. To guide you to your greatest health in the best possible way. You are worth the investment. Now, it’s your decision. Do you choose to be healthy?


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