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Blue Zone® of 1

A Blue Zone® is an area of the world where a group of people live the longest and healthiest. Often living well into their 90's and beyond with health, purpose, and happiness. There are 5 identified communities in the world where these people have been found. In the U.S it is Loma Linda, CA. The researchers who studied these people found 9 common traits. All having to do with lifestyle.

You don't have to move to Loma Linda, CA or Sardinia, Italy to possess the qualities of a blue zone. You can just decide to do it where you are. You become a Blue Zone® of 1. You can be a leader and role model for those around you. When you do this you become a mobil Blue Zone® spot, and can take it with you wherever you go. Your investment in yourself can pay dividend for decades.

What do you think? Do you want to be the next Blue Zone® of 1? Working with a HealthCare 101 coach can guide you there. Call or email Joanne to check this out.


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