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Being Scared

Have you ever been scared? Maybe remembering back to childhood and being afraid of the dark. Did you reach out for the safe hand of a loved-one to guide you in the scary dark and make you feel safe? When you think back to this idea you understand that there, usually, is no true threat in the dark. We create the fear in our minds and it feels SO real.

As adults we often feel scared of all sorts of things. Ideas, really. We say we want to do something, have something, or experience something, but we are scared. We are scared of change, growth, difference, the unknown. We get scared and we get stuck.

There is a way to have the hand of a trusted person to get you past scared. A light to guide you. It's with the partnership of an expert coach. A seasoned, trusted professional who knows how to uncover your fears, shine light on them, and help you move past them.

If the thought of transforming yourself towards health & wellbeing is scary and overwhelming, please know that a Nurse-Coach is available to you to hold your hand on your journey and guide you on your way.

If you'd like to know more about how this Nurse-Coach can be of service to you please reach out for a consultation. Knowing you have a hand to hold and a light to follow

could be the difference in your life.

To your health--



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